700 Vitamin C Secrets(and 1,000 Not So Secret For Doctors!) A teasing title for a book that reveals Western Medicine cripples World Health. Prof. Bush Lays it Bare. £19.90 UK inc p&p: U.S.A $29.90
YUAN (China) 212:  Euros 25:  YEN (Japan) 2,645:    Pages 448:  Words ~250,000:  Wt. 691 grams: 6"x9" U.S.Book size. Laminated Paperback

Delivery from the UK addd £10 ($15)     The Choice is Clear! A FREE UK NHS or USA style Heart Attack (60% of deaths) or 98% Risk Reduction by the new  Science of  CardioRetinometry monitored retinal (And Heart) arteries  with scientifically controlled supplements and dietary advice that is SEEN to work!

 http://itsrainmakingtime.com/2013/sydneybush USA RADIO INTERVIEW (WebSite Updated Nov 2013)

http://www.youtube.com/embed/Qhcb302DPiY for VIDEO OUR PHOTOGRAPHS PROVE IT!

What more can honest physicians say? "Nobody who has read this book will trust any doctor or nurse who hasn't!" Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD. Epoch Times
The physician would allow the patient to die - rather than admit the power of vitamin C - beyond the range of a vitamin!  Google Dr Sydney Bush BBC Interview


Eventually Every Optometrist will be  a Doctor of Optometry  in touch with Post Doctoral Higher education as an Institute Member,
striving to maximise his patients' Life Expectancy
ending Heart Bypasses!  Choose your Optometrist carefully if you want to live longer!
                                               Fees for the Cardioretinometry (R) programme are at the very bottom of this website.

 http://itsrainmakingtime.com/2013/sydneybush FOR USA RADIO INTERVIEW

http://www.youtube.com/embed/Qhcb302DPiY for VIDEO





























                                                                      ONLY AN OPTOMETRIST BANNED FROM THE NHS AFTER 55yrs CAN EXPOSE THE SCANDALS



with 100 from 200 TESTIMONIALS


Nobody who has read this book will trust any doctor or nurse who hasn't!

- Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD (pen name) - Medical Correspondent. Epoch Times.


This is a life changing book. I promise that
nobody who reads it  will disagree with
my patients saying below, 
after seeing their healed arteries,
it "has changed their lives!"

Be horrified at the corruption it exposes in the Health Service and how doctors treat you as expendable!
Google for  -   Bush BBC Epoch  -  to hear me accuse the NHS of corruption LIVE!

The back of the book says

In a letter to Dr. Bush,  Dr Owen Fonorow wrote . . . 
(re SCURVY)  March 2008 “- - - you have the only viable

method for determining the proper/optimum/accurate 

amount of vitamin C on an individual basis. Now people 

know they need vitamin C, but how much? Is bowel tolerance

the right amount, or can I take less and keep my arteries clear? 

Only CardioRetinometry® can provide that analysis 

non-invasively, without radiation, etc.” 

Owen R. Fonorow. PhD. MS. ND.
Chicago   March 2008.

“From Professor Richer To Dr. Paul Farkas Editor 

ODWire.org USA Optometry Forum - - -

“I have known Sydney for about 3 years and visited his Hull UK practice.” 
He is the Winston Churchill of Optometry.... we have

been working on a very nice paper for some time now, I expect it

may eventually get published in n electronic journal...he opened

an entire world to me as far as looking at blood vessels, - - -

You will learn a lot if you listen to him...

”Stuart Richer, OD, PhD, FAAO.
Chief of Optometry.

Asst. Prof Preventive Medicine.
Chicago. May 2008 


"The doctor would allow the patient to die rather than admit

the power of vitamin C”  Dr. Fred Klenner. MD. Similarly 

expressed by Dr. Julian Whitaker. MD. in his Foreword to 

Dr. Burt Berkson’s Alpha Lipoic Acid book.


                      "Total drug sales in the US for 2009 = $300 billion.   
             The war between medicine/corporate institutions and optometry
                is grossly unfair. Dr. Sydney Bush has unequivocal evidence
                 to support the power of Vitamin C. His work and his book
                    should be compulsory for all health care professionals,
                    especially optometrists. Optometrists everywhere are
                  obligated to provide their patients and communities with
                                             the best possible care.
                          We have the tools. We need the knowledge.
                                   Dr. Sydney Bush is the teacher." (Dr. Schell's Review)
                 Chris Schell, O.D.
                 [Optometrist. Barrie.  Ontario. (SJB)]


More from the back cover continued below... 

Dr. Sydney Bush “is causing a shortfall in the uptake of

cardiology services at the Hull Royal Infirmary." Complaint

to UK General Optical Council by Dr. Mark Hancocks.

Hull NHS. PCT alleging my physician friend’sname used

without his authority.


CardioRetinometry® is clear evidence of how Vitamin C 
can reduce heart disease.” Ascorbate: the Science of 
Vitamin C authors,
Dr. Steve Hickey PhD., Dr Hilary 
Roberts PhD.


“Dr. Bush: You cannot have a NHS contract and tell NHS 
patients arterial disease is reversible.” (Curable!) 
Dr. Sue Butler.
Hull NHS PCT July 2008.
Her statement offered for her comments/correction before 
publication (to colleagues.)


Toronto Sun. 4th Nov. 2009
“I believe his research on the cause of coronary artery 
disease deserves a Nobel Prize” – “Historic discovery” 
Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD.
(pen name for this surgeon ) Epoch Times International 
Newspaper published USA, to
China in 17 countries and 37 languages.


2nd December 2009. Dr. Bush lectured British Medical 
Association (Hull & E.R. Branch) on Nutritional Preventive
CardioRetinometry at the invitation of chairman, Snr. 
Hull Physician Dr. Robert Mitchell. MB. BS., LRCP. 
MRCS. In a blunt statement of what he considered to be the 
facts, he stated that “Optometry has bypassed the Bypass 
and made Coronary Cardiology Kiddology.”


CardioRetinometry® confirms the scurvy research of 

Canadian Cardiologist Dr. George C. Willis’ MD. who

invented X-Ray coronary angiography specially to show

arterial disease reversal by vitamin C. This has been denied

by cardiologists ever since, causing the untimely deaths of 

hundreds of millions of family men and orphaning even 
more children. . . .Sydney J. Bush


“You are probably still here because your work is necessary 
for all Mankind.”
Dr. Mervyn Ritchey DC.,
Specialist in 
Radiology; President BCCA, 
Chair Continuing Education



100 of 200 Written Testimonials to Nutritional Preventive CardioRetinometry®:
All the testimonials (from all over the UK) have been written under the general heading

“Dear Dr. Bush, Thank you for showing me the improvement in my arteries. I am sure the reductions of

cholesterol demonstrated have given me life extension and am happy to sign with my name and address

granting freedom for others to contact me to verify the truth of this statement and releasing copyright on

my images.” (Patients who want to sign a testimonial are asked not to mention vitamin C unless they are s

ure it is relevant.)

1.   “Thank you so much for the last ten years. I have enjoyed your pleasant nature and wonderful insight!.

The power of vitamin C – Magic. Well worth the trip over to Hull – wouldn’t change a thing (Smiley face)

Thank you Dr. Bush. C . Knaresborough. N. Yorkshire”             ( 120 miles  3 hrs round trip - SJB) 

 2.  I can honestly say that Vitamin C has increased my health and my eyesight. DC, . Hull.

 3.  L. University Professor (Watched improvements since 1998) .

 4.  Dr. Bush may harp on about the benefits of vitamin C at appointments but the images he has shown me

today prove that it is very worth while. Thank you Dr. Bush  McG.  

5.  Vitamin C definitely has improved not only the health of my eyes, but no doubt the health of my whole

body – Remarkable! S J. HULL

6.  Vitamin C has a positive effect on my health and my eyesight. K I.  East Yorkshire.


7.  Vitamin C has had a positive impact my health and condition of my eyes and reversing the position

of 7 years ago (Referring to blocked arteries in the retina SJB) C D. 

 Huntingdon. Cambridgeshire. 29th Sept 07                                 (120 miles away - SJB)

8.  Vitamin C has improved my health and my eyes without a doubt. R. H. 18-11-08

9.  Vitamin C has had a positive effect in my life. L. P. 12th Feb.08

10.                    Prof. Bush has shown me the positive effect vitamin C has on both my eyesight and

general health. C. G. 27th Feb 08.

11.                    A. S  from  Swindon           (A long way from Hull!   165 miles - SJB))

12.                    I agree with Professor Bush, the remarkable benefits of taking daily vitamin C.

Proof is the comparison of my retinal arteries in a ten year period. L Q.  North Yorkshire  31st. March 2009        

 (60 miles away - SJB)

 13.                    Cannot think of anything else but Vitamin C. Dorothy A. . Hull. 28th Nov 07 (Interviewed

by Tom Prendeville for a report on consecutive patients for the Health Supplement of the London Daily Mail

Dec 07 aborted for Bayer Full Page Advert.

14.                    The difference in my eyes and health in the last two years is remarkable. 100% due to vitamin C. 

 K N.  East Yorkshire. 28th Nov 2007. Interviewed consecutively after Mrs A (above) by Tom Prendeville for

the Prendeville Report in the Health Supplement of the London Daily Mail aborted for Bayer Full Page Advert)

15.                    F. R.  Beverley. 28th Nov. 2007

16.                    P.S.  Driffield. East Yorkshire 28th Nov 07.

 17.                    Taken Vitamin C as advised by Prof. Bush and am delighted with improvements in my health.

K.M. G.  East Yorks.

 18.                    Will now take more vitamin C as advised by Dr. Bush. A.O.

 19.                    Vitamin C definitely works! B.J. East Yorkshire

 20.                    Vitamin C works and it’s about making friends and family aware as well! N R. 12th Nov. 08

 21.                    C B.   Hornsea. East Yorkshire. 19th Nov 08

 22.                    Very good. Eyes improved over 10 years. Thank you Dr. Bush. S. G. 21st Jan. 09

 23.                    He talks sense and gives good advice which works. Listen to Dr. Bush. S.O. 23rd Jan. 2009

 24.                    Excellent!  D.L. N. Lincolnshire. 31st Jan. 09

 25.                    L.O.  14th Feb 2009  WALES        (160  miles   - SJB) 

 26.                    Good Advice also from the nurse.  S C.  East Yorkshire16th Feb 2009

 27.                    Good Advice. T B. . East Yorkshire. 13th March 2009

 28.                    Advice has changed my diet and vitamin C taken., P W.  Hornsea. East Yorkshire 14th. March 2009

 29.                    J.E.  Excellent Eye care 27th March 2009

 30.                    Excellent eye care and great advice and vitamin C. L F. . East Yorkshire. 10th   July 2009

 31.                    Dr Bush has opened my eyes to Vitamin C with lower cholesterol. M.H.  HULL. 6th Feb. 2009

 32.                    Definite improvement with vitamin C   S. W HULL Nov? 07

 33.                    Improvements are due to vitamin C intake. T R. East Yorkshire Nov 07

 34.                    Very impressed with my results. All down to Dr. Bush M B  Hull

 35.                    Pleasantly pleased with improvements. Dr. P (Anaesthetist) .  Leeds.
60 miles away - SJB)

 36.                    Pleased with my improvements today. M.G.

 37.                    Saw change from last time I was here and I had stopped taking the vitamin C. I could see I had

deteriorated. I shall most definitely start taking vitamin C again. D.V. Hull.

 38.                    L.F. Leeds  18th April 09.                (60 miles away - SJB)

 39.                    I have lower cholesterol now than 10 years ago. K.R. East Yorkshire 13th. June 09

 40.                    Feeling better as I get older due to vitamin C. N.C East Yorkshire.

 41.                    Improvement since taking vitamin C  S. M. Beverley

 42.                    I have no doubt that vitamin C has improved my health no end taking about 1 Kg/year. R

(Public Schoolmaster)

 43.                    Made me aware of vitamin C – improved already. D.B. HULL.

44.                    Impressed with improvements observed. T. A Hull

 45.                    D. R Nr. Doncaster DN14 7HE        (45 miles away - SJB)

 46.                    Very impressed. S. W. E. Yorks.

 47.                    Always a pleasure. G. M. HULL

 48.                    Impressed with results of my test. A. D.  HULL

49.                    Excellent care A.S. Hull.

 50.                    Great! Thanks for all the info. It helps. MD.E. Yorks

 51.                    A great help. Keep up the fight. G.H. East Yorkshire.

 52.                    S. H.P SCOTLAND     Thanks.    ( 130 miles away - SJB)

 53.                    Definite improvement. T.W. Hull

 54.                    Excellent now. I am going to live for ever! I.B. E. Yorkshire

 55.                    I am more aware of vitamin C and as I have got older things have improved. Thank you. S.J. Hull.

 56.                    Improvement with vitamin C. C.W. HULL

 57.                    The improvement must be due to the extra vitamin C I have consumed over the last 9 years.

Thanks Prof!  M.B. Hull

 58.                    I have been taking vitamin C for a long period of time on Dr. Bush’s recommendation and have

not had any colds and my cholesterol has improved. Thanks. J.G. East Yorkshire.

 59.                    I think vitamin C works for me. P.K. East Yorkshire. 4th June 08

 60.                    Very impressed with the improvements in my blood vessels. I.L. HULL.

 61.                    And thanks for all the lectures! It’s finally sunk in. M.L. 14th June 08

 62.                    Vitamin C has improved my eye health S ( Solicitor) 9th July 08 HULL

 63.                    Vitamin C has definitely improved my eye health and my general health      M.J. Cambridgeshire   

26th July 08       (110 miles away - SJB)

 64.                    Daily doses of vitamin C have clearly helped judging by my 10 year photo B.H. Hull. 2th Aug 08

 65.                    Excellent – now my blood vessels in my eyes are now 10 years younger. J… 18th July 08

 66.                    P.P. All the advice has helped over the years. HULL.

67.                    Thank you S.J. 22nd Aug 08 Hull.

 68.                    Excellent advice over the years has helped enormously. M.A. 24th Sep. 08

 69.                    With vitamin C I feel healthy and fit at 60 years. I do not take any medication – proving that

vitamin C is the answer and natural. C.W. East Yorkshire.11th Dec 07

 70.                    Dr. Bush has proven to me that I have benefited from taking vitamin C.  P.N. HULL. 2nd Feb 08

 71.                    Dr. Bush has shown me my eyes have improved and taking vitamin C has made a difference.


 72.                    Vitamin C has definitely given me greater health issues.

 73.                    Feel privileged to have Prof. Bush’s advice Eyes have improved thanks to vitamin C.  M.S.

East Yorkshire.

 74.                    19 years under Dr. Bush’s care. Definitely a learning curve. with some way to go. V.G.

16th April 08 HULL

 75.                    Vitamin C has changed my outlook and health. P.M. 22nd April 08 HULL.

 76.                    Dr. Bush has made me think about my general health and ways to improve it – his vitamin C

has been helping. J.M. (Insurance Executive) . 25th April 08

77.                    Dr. Bush has been telling me about vitamin C for years. I take it ever day and he has shown

me the difference. C.R.(West) HULL

78.                    Dr. Bush is ahead of his time. P.S. 7th Oct 08 HULL

79.                    Vitamin C for me. Thank you Dr. Bush

80.                    10 years younger in my eyes. What can I say? H.S. 15th Oct. 08 HULL.

81.                    10 years of cardiovascular improvement. Dr. Bush is a miracle worker! J.T. East Yorkshire

5th Nov. 08

82.                    More vitamin C please! G.S.

83.                    A picture says a thousand words and these stills are amazing. It is all in the eyes. Top Work! C.W

 9th Jan 09.HULL

 84.                    Optician for many years, wouldn’t change, Very kind also his staff are fab. S.K.

 85.                    Recent eye test photos show improvement from my photos of 10 years ago. Thank You! A.B. HULL

 86.                    Given me an awareness of the true need for supplements but I do I without them. Well Done!

Keep up the good work. A. C. T.   N. Yorkshire.    (60 miles away - SJB)

 87.                    Been with Dr. Bush for over 20 years and thanks to him my sight is still very good. K.H. HULL

 88.                    Down to vitamin C. Very pleased. A.C. East Yorkshire.

 89.                    Looked after by Dr. Bush for 30 years. Top Man. S. ex Pro footballer, coach. 
40 Miles away - SJB)                                  

90.                    Refreshing approach to health care. M.N. East Yorkshire.

 91.                    Amazing! Thank you! M.B. East Yorkshire.

 92.                    I have seen the difference. D.M. HULL.

93.                    Very impressed with my reduction cholesterol with vitamin C   supplement A.S. Beverley.

 94.                    Convinced myself that the benefits of vitamin C will improve my health. K.B.   E.Yorkshire

 95.                    I am convinced that vitamin C works. A.H. Hull

 96.                    Very convincing. Evidence speaks for itself. D.R.   E. Yorkshire

97.                    After all these years of Dr. Bush’s advice I am convinced vitamin C  works. A.B.  HULL.

98.                    I am convinced vitamin C works. S. S.  E.Yorkshire

 99.                    Definite improvement to cholesterol and some improvement! due to vitamin C!. Thank you! .

Withernwick. East Yorkshire.

 100.             After taking Dr. Bush’s advice my arteries are vastly improved. First class service always.   L.C.   Hull.

101.             Big change over time N.  (Pharmacologist)

 102.             Miss E.P. (9 yrs of age at start. after 1 yr she wrote I think Vit. C. has improved my eyes. (which was

 also signed by her mother.) Nothing else had changed in the child’s diet. Unfortunately the following year the

mother did not give her the promised one gram every day and the arteries regressed very badly, almost to the

original condition.



This book describes

How the most powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory
preventer of coronary thrombosis
and stroke is suppressed to create disease and medical incomes.

Totally unbelievable but absolutely true!

It is an expose of the criminality and corruption in Western Medicine -
also of the UK NHS that pretends
to be a proper Health Service without a single vitamin C factory,
thus devolving  the health of the
British  to the Chinese world-wide monopoly controlling
World Health.

By Distinguished Professor and 'Father' of CardioRetinometry(R)
Optometrist Sydney J. Bush DOpt.,PhD.

"The Doctor would allow the patient to die , rather than admit the power of
vitamin C beyond the
range of a vitamin
." Dr. Fred Klenner MD. FCCP.,  after 25 papers 
were ignored. (He cured Polio!)
The knowledge in this book can increase Life Expectancy to 105.

"Dr Bush's historic discovery is worthy of a Nobel Prize "
Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD (Pen name) 
Celebrated  medical journalist, published in the "Epoch Times."

"The biggest development in cardiology of our lifetime."
- Jeff Rense on his USA Radio Show.
Audio (5 minutes): Intro to Sydney Bush's Cardioretinometry  ®www.vitamincfoundation.org    www.medicalscamsexposed.com    www.publicprotection.org   http:// www.betterhearts.org   www.LifeExtensionOptometry.org



Streamlined Easier Service.  Fees Reduction of £120                                  

From Nov. 2011 the Institute of CardioRetinometry®  arranges to pay your Optometrist

directly for capture and supply of the retinal images. Instead of the Optometrist performing

this, you will in most cases have the photography performed by a staff member following the

Institute protocol from the training manual.  There will now be no £40/yr to pay over the

£450 (USA $680 approx) apart from the nutrients cost for 3 years. You will be directed to

Members of the Institute.


Now we must be very clear and open with you. Nobody on our programme since 2003

has died of a coronary thrombosis! Why? The originally (2003) 5 years guaranteed return

of fees in the event of a fatal coronary thrombosis (increased recently to ten years!) was

never the big deal it seemed!  It was originally backed by our medical panel. We thought t

hat in everybody’s interests it encouraged confidence to seek our service since no ‘Health

Insurance’ (aka ILL Health insurance) has ever offered such a warranty against failure!


It was a success!  But we are not happy. What we want to emphasise now is that after

the three year probationary period we were always able to protect ourselves against

claims by discharging from the programme anyone whose arteries we could see were

not responding. There was never any need! This would be due to failure of registrants

to always take their nutrients. So we have always been protected against failure! Now

you know everything. Ask other ‘Health Insurers’ if they can match that!


Registrants can source their own prescribed nutrients or ask the Institute to supply.

The UK cost of Institute supplied  nutrients is £500/yr and rather more in the USA, Canada,

S. Africa and Australia.   Local nutrient supply arrangements for the USA and Canada

are in the pipeline.


The single payment of £450 now covers all photography, the evaluations, the prescribing

of nutrients and reports as judged necessary from the initial evaluation to include extra

checks at 1 month & 3/12 (if necessary) and then  every six months with the last check at 3yrs.


TEST that images (Min 1Mb) will paste into “WORD.”








Order via  the

Institute website


Price includes postage
and is the cheapest Life Insurance on the Market today

Choose Your Optometrist Carefully!
It Could Add 20 Years To Your Life

Stroke and Heart Attack risk reduced by approx. 98%

Optometrists can either be basic practtitioners sending images or Doctors of CardioRetinometry(R) able to evaluate and prescribe to dissolve the blockages out of your arteries: 


Western Medicine has been corrupt, advising that arterial disease cannot
be reversed and insisting on Heart Bypasses since 1957.

Read 100 of 200 Testimonials below



This book exposes the many ways
you and your family risk  early
death from doctors trained only
to prescribe Pharmacy Drugs.


Hearteries(TM) nutrients have
    been all natural since 2005